The value of the global construction industry is expected to reach around US$10.3 trillion by 2020. It is a good time to consider a career as a tradesman. Of course, some countries will prove much more lucrative to work in than others.

Our Tradesmen of the World infographic gives you a good idea of the highest-paying nations for electricians, plumbers or carpenters:

There are plenty of opportunities for people to earn a good wage in the UK, with an apprentice carpenter starting on an average annual salary of £16,000 and an experienced self-employed plumber raking in up to £40,000 a year. How do these figures compare to the rest of the world?

There are plenty of similarities when it comes to the USA and Australia. Electricians in both countries can look forward to great average salaries when compared to other roles in their trade. Plumbers and carpenters within these countries are also well paid — not one average salary figures dips below £24,000, for instance, while the USA’s unemployment rate for carpenters is a mere 6.9 per cent!

So, now you know where the best-paid tradespeople are, the world is quite literally your oyster. As you climb the pay scales, Electrical Direct is on hand with our huge range of electrical products.