Demolition Therapy.

It’s the ultimate chance to take out all of your emotions on a load of old, useless technology that deserves total destruction.


What is Demolition Therapy?

Lockdown. Fun, wasn’t it? A year and a half of Zoom calls, family FaceTimes and interacting with the world through a series of screens was enough to turn anyone off technology.

Hey Siri, shut up alright?

That’s why we’ve designed Demolition Therapy, your chance to take out your lockdown stress on a load of old, useless technology that deserves total destruction.

While we normally promote fixing things with consumables and tools, this is your chance to destroy them. We’ve gathered a load of broken tech and a series of things to smash it with. What happens next is up to you.

Computer says no. You say no more.

Technology, eh? Designed to make our lives easier, but does it actually help, or does it just make us want to throw it out the window and watch it explode on the floor?

Well, this is your chance to find out. For every time Netflix froze during another night in, for every second you spent buffering on a Friday night Zoom quiz, for every lockdown walk your FitBit failed to track, we’re giving you the chance for justice.

We’ve lined up a load of old, unusable technology and a selection of hard-hitting tools. We’ll then put you in a room together and leave you to it.

If there’s anything left at the end, you haven’t therapied hard enough.

Please note: Everything you can smash in Demolition Therapy was already broken to minimise unnecessary wastage. We recycle and repurpose anything in working condition, you destroy the stuff that has no further purpose.

Don’t stress, smash.

2020 was a stressful year, and 2021 hasn’t started out much better. But don’t let lockdown frustrations get you down.

Pick up something heavy and smash all your tech problems away.

A two-person session in our rage room only costs £50, giving you half an hour of unlimited destruction and unrivalled anger. Demolition Therapy will take place at five locations across the UK which are to be confirmed soon.

Technology doesn’t care how you feel. You shouldn’t care how it feels either, as you pull it apart with a crowbar.

Some people couldn’t wait to get started…

Don’t take your frustration out on an innocent billboard. Take it out on stupid technology that doesn’t care how annoying it is, leaving destruction in your wake in a safe, considerate environment.

The Quiz

Demolition Therapy isn’t for everyone. Answer our quick quiz to see if you’re ready to cause chaos.

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Question One

You’re at the end of your tether, looking to hurl something across the room. What’s wound you up?

Question Two

You’ve got three weapons within reach.
What takes your fancy?

Question Three

Just to check… how mad are you?

The Results

...yeah, we think you need Demolition Therapy.

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Tools to mend, tools to annihilate.

We offer a huge range of consumables and tools for all kinds of electrical jobs, but at Demolition Therapy you’ll have a whole different selection available.

Tools not designed to put things together, but tools designed to break things apart.

Choose from a classic hammer, perfect for hitting all your stresses away. Or go State-style with a baseball bat and swing, swing, swing your way to lockdown relief.

Prefer to pry your frustrations apart? A crowbar could be ideal, letting you get inside what really matters and shatter it to smithereens. If you’d rather leave all your 2020 annoyances in tiny pieces all over the floor, the axe won’t let you down.

Chop through those nights trapped inside. Slice through the isolation. Obliterate the social distancing.

Sign up to smash

Don’t let stress drag you down. The last year has been tough on us all, and you deserve the chance to hit back. Literally.

Sign up to find out more about the half-hour Demolition Therapy session today and show old tech who’s the new boss.

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