Why you should choose an Electric Towel Rail over a Central Heating Towel Rail

26th July 2022

Why you should choose an Electric Towel Rail over a Central Heating Towel Rail

Heated Towel Rails are an excellent way to upgrade any domestic bathroom or commercial washroom, but there are a number of factors to consider when choosing the correct one for your specific needs. We considered these factors, and we break down why Electric Towel Rails are the better all-round option for a variety of jobs.

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Energy Efficiency

It has become common  knowledge in recent years that most if not all appliances powered by electric are more energy efficient than those powered by gas and central heating, this includes Towel Rails.

Not only are Electric Towel Rails more energy efficient as a singular appliance, but can increase the energy efficiency of your entire system, as Electric Towel Rails can be powered and operate separately, as opposed to having to run an entire central heating system just to use a Towel Rail.

It is even possible to operate an Electric Towel Rail using solar power, not only further increasing energy efficiency, but saving a little bit extra on the bills too.

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No Heat Lost

Towel Rails in general are not only great way to achieve the luxurious feeling of warm towels, but are also capable of warming up an entire bathroom.

However, when using Towel Rails that are powered by central heating, some of that heat that could be put to good use is lost due the convection and radiation needed to power the appliance. According to ElectricRadiatorsDirect¹, the total amount of output lost sits at “around ten to twenty percent”.

Therefore, not only do Electric Towel Rails not waste resources like other Towel Rails, but they are also considered to be 100% efficient, meaning that all of the heat produced can be put to good use.

Precise Temperatures

If one of the goals of installing a Towel Rail is to be in full control of the temperature of the appliance, then an Electric Towel Rail is the better option.

This is due to the fact that Electric Towel Rails are controlled by their own designated digital thermostat, as opposed to a thermostat that controls the entire central heating system.

This also means that your Towel Rail will heat up a lot quicker, as heat will be supplied directly to the appliance instead of waiting for the water in the boiler to warm up before heat can be supplied.


Next time you’re looking to upgrade a bathroom, an Electric Towel Rail is a guaranteed way to maximise comfort for any user. Browse our collection to find an Electric Towel Rail in any style, colour and wattage, or even some with extra features such as Wi-Fi connectivity.