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Where to Position a Security Camera

Security cameras are great for two reasons: one, they can capture vital evidence in the case of a break-in, and two, they act as a great deterrent. A well positioned camera or burglar alarm will put any would-be thieves right off, protecting your client’s property and potentially saving them a lot of money and trauma.

However, if you put one in the wrong place, it’ll be no use at all. This guide will show you the best places to position CCTV and surveillance systems, giving your clients complete peace of mind and, you never know, turning you into a hero.

Placing security cameras above doors

Doors are, unsurprisingly, the most common place for thieves to enter a property. Whether they slip in without anyone noticing, steal a key or simply force their way through, an unguarded door may as well be left open for determined criminals.

A security camera placed above main entry points will capture any movement, and could well put crooks off trying altogether. If you couple this with a door entry system, you’ll make it much harder for people to get in and track anyone who does.

They’re ideal for commercial buildings or residential flats, where footfall is high and security is key.

Where to position hidden security cameras

A hidden security camera catches thieves without them knowing. It sees all without being seen itself, and will often be found inside retail units or offices. The best places for covert CCTV and surveillance systems are where they’ll be facing off-street windows. They’re vulnerable to break-ins as they’re away from prying eyes and passing cars, and will also bypass any security you have on the main doors.

By pointing security cameras at them from inside the building, you’ll capture any criminal’s movements and ensure there are no security weak spots to be taken advantage of.

Using security cameras to protect your valuables

No matter what kind of project you’re working on, there’s a good change your client will have things they’d rather not be stolen. In a domestic property, this could be personal possessions, TVs, car keys or jewellery, while on domestic jobs you’ve potentially got big sums of money and IT equipment to think about.

You should place security cameras in the areas where these valuables are kept. This could include cameras in bedrooms, offices or safes, or external cameras that look over car parks or bike storage.


Using security cameras to protect your tools and equipment

Now for something closer to home - your own possessions. If you work in the trade, there’s a good chance you’ll keep a lot of power tools, equipment and other consumables close to hand. You might store them in a garage or shed, and they’ll almost certainly have cost you good money over time.

Sadly, that beautifully branded van parked on your drive could act as a beacon for thieves, alerting them to the fact you have something worth taking. By positioning a security camera in the area where your tools are kept, you’ll prevent anyone from getting away with your goods, allowing you to do your work without anyone stealing your living.

Driveway security cameras

A car is one of the most expensive items we’ll own, making it one of the most attractive things for thieves to steal. By positioning a security camera that overlooks the driveway, you can catch any car crime in the act. If you couple the camera with one of our motion sensors, you can capture the footage that matters, and even link it to an outdoor light that will activate whenever someone gets too close.

Perfect to light up crime, and also very handy if your client needs help finding their keys.

The best location for a security camera

While any security camera will act as a deterrent, if a criminal is determined enough they won’t think twice about removing them or damaging them. That’s why we’d recommend positioning them high up in an inaccessible location. If you need a ladder and tools to put them up, they’ll need the same to take them down, and it’ll be much harder to achieve without arousing suspicion.

Don’t put them near any low roofs that could be climbed up on, or near any fences that could act as a ladder.

Looking to beef up your security?

Check out our full range of security systems and make sure everything is safe and secure.

Thieves, we’re watching you.

Thursday 17 December, 2020

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