Get Smart this National Home Improvement Month

8th December 2021

Get Smart this National Home Improvement Month

Our research has found that smart products are high on the list of purchases for the home and so we're encouraging homeowners to explore the options available to ‘make one change’ this National Home Improvement Month. 

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Research from leading supplier of electrical products and accessories, ElectricalDirect, has found that smart products are high on the list of purchases for the home and is encouraging homeowners to explore the options available, to ‘make one change’ this National Home Improvement Month. 

It can be quite difficult to know where to begin in choosing the right smart product for the home, so as part of this year’s National Home Improvement Month, which ElectricalDirect is a partner of, they are encouraging households to ‘Make One Change’, by explaining some of the solutions available. 

Security Solutions

Smart video doorbells are a popular product as they also act as a deterrent to any intruders. Additionally, these products also offer more functionality, enabling homeowners to speak to visitors and accept deliveries without answering the door and keep an eye on the property while away. The ‘Ring Video Doorbell Pro Kit’ features a motion detection camera that alerts the homeowner’s smartphone, tablet or PC when a visitor arrives within a distance of the property. Owners are able to see, hear and speak to visitors and the product includes infrared night vision for peace of mind 24-7. 

For those looking for a system without the need for a doorbell or two-way communication, the ‘Yale Smart Home CCTV Kit’ is an excellent solution. Containing everything needed to get started, the kit contains two 1080p BNC bullet cameras that are easy to install wherever required on a property - such as facing the driveway or to the rear of the property - and users can view activity in real time using a smartphone or tablet, or watch recorded footage later. The camera triggers recording when motion is detected and features enhanced night vision for clear images around the clock. 

Control lighting and appliances

Smart lighting is favoured for the complete control it provides users, allowing them to keep a closer eye on energy-usage whilst providing the ambience required. 

The ‘LightwaveRF Smart Series Lighting and Power Generation 2 Starter Kit’, for example, is supplied with a smart dimmer and a 2 gang smart socket – everything you need to begin to control lighting and even appliances remotely. In fact, the installation is incredibly simple, as the system can use the same wiring as previous switches and sockets. The dimmer features soft-start illumination, 2-way switching and multi-way wireless communication with other Lightwave dimmers. In addition to this, the kit is compatible with Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, meaning the lighting and appliances can be voice controlled. 

Perfect temperature control

Monitor and control energy effortlessly. An easily programmable device that can be controlled via an app is the ‘ESP Choice Wi-Fi Room Thermostat’. This simple to use thermostat allows for constant monitoring and control of room temperature, with an open field range from the thermostat to receiver of 100-metres and has the function to programme 6 events per day. 

Another smart home solution that is becoming increasingly popular are instant hot water taps, such as the ‘Ener-J Instant Hot Water Tap’. Requiring only a cold water feed, it is incredibly simple to install and is perfect for properties that don’t have a combi boiler or space beneath the sink for a new water tank. Using a touch screen to operate the temperature setting, these taps provide water at the desired temperature on demand, up to 50OC, saving time and money on wasted water. 

Dominick Sandford, Director & Head of Merchandising and Marketing at ElectricalDirect said: “Smart home products are the way of the future and offer lots of benefits, yet needn’t be daunting. Our customer services team is on hand to help homeowners select smart products that offer convenience and easy installation. We are delighted to work with National Home Improvement Month to inspire homeowners to ‘make one change’ to improve their living space by adopting this technology.” 

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