Release the lockdown rage with Demolition Therapy

24th January 2022

Release the lockdown rage with Demolition Therapy

Stress levels during the past year have been at an all-time high, and being stuck at home has meant that many have struggled to find a release that works for them, but that could be a problem of the past.

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With the concept of “Wreck Rooms” and “Rage Rooms” rising in popularity as a way to combat stress, we came up with Demolition Therapy, putting electrical products that have seen better days to good use as a slightly unorthodox method of stress relief.

We gathered several props and products that could no longer be used for their intended purpose and took our pandemic problems out on them with our utensils of choice. If Demolition Therapy seems like it could work for you, you could give it a go too!

So, let yourself throw a tech tantrum just this once and register your interest now and you could get the chance to smash up your stress!

Check out the video below to see how Demolition Therapy worked for our team:

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