COVID-19: How to stay safe when working in someone's home

24th January 2022

COVID-19: How to stay safe when working in someone's home

When COVID-19 struck, many people were told to work from home. However, in our trade we spend most of our time working in other people’s homes, making it harder for us to self-isolate while still doing our jobs. 

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COVID guidance for domestic electricians

  1. Your work can carry on as normal, so long as you have no symptoms You can carry on working in domestic properties so long as you’ve shown no symptoms of COVID-19. If you’re feeling unwell, even if you’re not sure it’s COVID related, you should self-isolate and take a COVID test. 
  2. You can’t work in a household that is isolating If a household you were planning to work in starts isolating, you can no longer carry out the work. You must wait for their period of isolation to end before you can return. 
  3. Wash your hands when you arrive When you enter a property, you must wash your hands for 20 seconds before you do anything else. You should always take hand sanitiser with you in case facilities are not available. 
  4. Stay two meters away from your client Always maintain two meters of social distancing when working in a home.
  5. Take your own tea or coffee Sadly, you can’t accept your client’s offer of a brew at the moment. 

COVID guidance for site and commercial workers 

  1. You must self-isolate if you experience symptoms If you begin to experience any COVID symptoms during a job, you must self-isolate for 10 days and get tested. You cannot carry on working until your period of self-isolation is over. 
  2. Keep your distance where possible You must maintain two meters of social distancing from other people working on site. If a job requires more than one person, such as lifting or holding something up, you must wear a face mask. 
  3. You may travel for work Travelling for work is allowed so long as you’re displaying no symptoms. 
  4. Wash your hands regularly You should wash your hands for 20 seconds whenever you start your job, as well as after handling any items that other people may have come in contact with. Take hand sanitiser with you to make this easier. 

Keep your distance when using shared facilities When using the toilet, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards, while also using urinals or cubicles that are away from other people. In communal areas such as canteens or rest areas, you must sit at least two meters away from anyone else.


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