Cooling Fans & Air Conditioning Units for every project and budget

31st May 2022

Cooling Fans & Air Conditioning Units for every project and budget

With warmer weather approaching, some of us may not be prepared to defrost from winter just yet. With this in mind, we take a look at ElectricalDirect’s range of Cooling Fans and Units for every project and for every price range.

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Convenient, Compact & Cost-Effective

Whether you’re looking for a Cooling Fan that you can take on the go, or a cost-effective way to provide an entire company of office workers with an extra boost of ventilation on those warm days inside, we offer products that will get the job done.

Our Top Pick - Status 4" USB Mini Desk Fan

This miniature desk fan from top brand Status offers the convenience of being USB powered, so it can be plugged in and operated in a number of environments whenever you need it. The simple operational method of this fan makes it extremely user-friendly, and if you’re looking to maintain an aesthetic element in your choice of fans, the antique and chrome metal finishes available offer either a sleek modern look or a slightly rustic charm.

Better yet, this USB Mini Desk Fan is part of our bulk buy discount, making this compact method of cooling even more cost effective for larger projects.

Status USB Mini Desk Fan

Mid-Size & Mid-Range

If you’re looking for something slightly larger to cool down an entire room, either in a domestic or commercial setting, a Stand Fan, sometimes known as a Pedestal Fan is your best bet.

While a Tower Fan is also an option, according to Appliance Analysts: “Pedestal fans are more powerful than tower fans – they’re great for large areas and stand above furniture. They’re also quieter than tower fans.”¹

Our Top Pick - Status 16" Stand Fan – White

Slightly higher in price but still offering a great deal, this Stand Fan from Status can create your ideal cooling setup, due to its numerous customisation options.

These options include adjustable height and angles, 3 speed settings and an oscillating function. Just like the USB Desk Fan, this Stand Fan also qualifies for our bulk buy discount, meaning anywhere from a living room to a boardroom can be well-ventilated to any client’s exact needs and preferences.

Status Stand Fan

Top of the Range & Advanced Air Conditioning

Our range of Air Conditioning Units boast a whole host of high-tech features that makes the higher price tag worth every penny.

While standard fans simply move air around a room, Air Conditioning Units take the air from the room and cools it, offering the most efficient cooling process.

Our Top Pick - De'Longhi 12000BTU Silent Portable Air Conditioning Unit with Remote Control – Black

Of all of the Air Conditioning Units we have on offer at ElectricalDirect, this particular product from De-Longhi features a long list of features that results in a ventilation system that is convenient, comfortable and eco-friendly.

Among others, the features of the De-Longhi Air Conditioning Unit include a Silent EcoDesign that eliminates the issue of loud operating volumes, maximum room coverage, as well as what is known as “Real Feel Technology” that not only controls the temperature of a room, but also the humidity.

On top of this, the Unit achieves an A class energy efficiency rating, creating an optimum cooling setup without compromising on efficiency.

De'Longhi Air Conditioning Unit

At ElectricalDirect, our range covers everything from the costly to the cost effective, and the modest to the mighty. To browse the rest of our Cooling Fans and Air Conditioning Units, you can find out more here.