6 domestic and commercial interior design trends for 2021

24th January 2022

6 domestic and commercial interior design trends for 2021

We’re taking a look at some of the upcoming trends for interior design across the industry, and how you can help your clients get the look.

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Keeping on top of interior design trends is vital for the electrical industry. Knowing what’s big can help you prepare relevant upsells and cross-sells that can help improve your margins. We’re looking into some of the biggest design trends of 2021 across all types of spaces and which electrical products will be top of your customers’ requests.



Rustic homes are a rising trend for those who want something cosy. The rustic design trend finds the midway point between “shabby chic” and sleek modern design. But it’s not just for the home. A rising number of cafes, hotels and restaurants are adopting this trend to make their spaces feel more inviting.

Rustic charm is in the details. Hamilton’s antique brass decorative sockets and switches are a great way to continue rustic charm throughout a room – and this is our top selling range of the last few months!


Vintage lightbulbs are another great way to add a little cosiness to a home. These warm lights add an ambient glow to the room while looking very stylish.


Copper and Blue


Rich blue accent walls were a growing trend throughout the tail end of 2020 and have no signs of slowing down in 2021. Pair the blue with copper fixtures and furniture for a brilliant colour combination.

Adding copper fittings is a great way to finish off this gorgeous trend. G+H Brassware has some beautiful decorative switches that will complement blue paintwork.


In terms of lighting, adding a copper light fitting will finish off a room perfectly.




Industrial-feeling rooms have been bubbling under the surface for a while. However, the trend is growing again in offices and hospitality. Think start-up vibes. Exposed air-ducts, dangling lightbulbs, and chrome conduits all add to the industrial feeling in such spaces.

Adding the little details couldn’t be easier. Industrial backboxes and chrome sockets can quickly give a room the right atmosphere. You can pair these with exposed chrome conduit to really set the scene.


A dangling light fixture is another way to add that industrial feel. You can either leave the bulb exposed or add a metal shade.


White and Pink


White and pink trend has been gaining momentum in recent months, especially as the Gen-Z or “Instagram-generation” start to enter the consumer market. Hospitality spaces, homes and offices all use this white and pink trend to help enhance their “Instagramabiltiy” and getting that vital social media following.

Luckily, getting the look couldn’t be easier with white light fixtures with cool-white bulbs. Adding fairy lights to furniture can also give rooms a touch of magic.

White fixtures and fittings are easy to come by, with MK, Schneider and Click all leading the way.


Black accent Walls


As strange at it might seem, black accent walls will be making an appearance this year. Either as a standard wall or using chalkboard paint to add a splash of wall art.

Matching fixtures to walls couldn’t be simpler. You can pair the wall with Black sockets to blend it, or use a chrome switch plate to truly stand out.




Granny is the word of the day for interior design. The move to loud old-fashion patterns, chunky gold frames and vintage furniture came about as a protest to the minimalistic trend of the last decade.

Candle lamps are also a staple of this aesthetic. Most “Granny-chic” spaces utilise chandeliers and exposed bulb wall lamps. Using a candle shape bulb will keep the old-style feel in-tacts

In addition, using antique brass switches is a must in this case! Matching the metal to frames and light fittings will really pull the look together.


That’s our wrap up of the design trends to watch out for this year! Make sure you’re ready to jump on these trends for your customers, whether commercial or domestic. Take a look through our decorative sockets and switches and lighting categories to find more products to polish off your project.

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