5 reasons to switch to smart switches

28th June 2022

5 reasons to switch to smart switches

The electrical industry is constantly evolving to make fixtures and even entire setups more efficient and convenient, and with the rise in smart home products continuing within the market, we take a look at smart switches in particular, and let you know the benefits of making the switch in your home or business.

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Pre-scheduled power

We’ve all been there, we get home late at night and have to stumble around for a light switch with only a phone flashlight for assistance, or even leave the house and realise you’ve forgotten to turn the lights off.

But this problem can be a thing of the past if you invest in smart switches. These switches can be operated simply via a smartphone app wherever you are, and you can set up a schedule for your lights to turn on and off to suit your specific requirements.

Easy installation

On top of all of their additional features, it is incredibly easy to switch from conventional switches to smart ones, with often only a neutral wire being required or sometimes nothing at all.

Not only does this make switching over an easy job, it is a job you could even do yourself, but if you are inexperienced in this sort of work, it is best to consult a qualified electrician first.

Once your smart switches have been installed, it’s either as simple as downloading the smartphone app designed for the specific device, or by also purchasing a corresponding Smart Hub, which also has the ability to control numerous smart home appliances simultaneously.

Not just for lighting

Although smart switches are most commonly used to control lighting remotely, it is important to remember that smart switches can be used anywhere in a home or business for any hardwired appliance that is controlled by a switch.

Examples include ceiling and extractor fans, waste disposal units, as well as obviously any lighting fixtures you may have. If you are unsure if an appliance can be controlled via a smart switch, consult an electrician, or contact the manufacturer of the switch and/or appliance.

Energy efficiency

While the switch itself uses slightly more energy than a standard switch, the ability to counteract energy wasting user behaviour can have a significant impact on your energy bills.

According to smart switch manufacturer Lutron via home improvement retailer Rise¹: “homeowners could experience energy savings of up to 60 percent when using smart switches with dimming and occupancy sensing capabilities.”.


Most if not all electrical appliances will fall victim to wear and tear and possibly damage over the years, but some have suggested that smart switches may be able to outlast standard switches, providing all mechanical parts of the switch can endure a certain level of use.

Physical wear and tear can be diminished purely from the fact that smart switches controlled via smartphone apps or voice control will not need to be handled as much, therefore increasing the longevity of the switch itself.

Due to the limited use of mains power in kinetic and Wi-Fi powered smart switches, some manufacturers state that these switches could last between 50 and 60 years, compared to an average of 20 years for a standard light switch.

If you’re looking for an innovating upgrade to your switches, we stock a range of smart switches that would be perfect for any home or business, from top brands in the smart home market, including Energenie and LightwaveRF. You can shop our range of smart switches here.